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Cary and his Borsalino

Cary and the Borsalino

Borsalino is the name of a hat company known particularly for its fedoras. Established in 1857, Borsalino produces felt from Belgian rabbit fur at its factory in Alessandria, Italy.

Giuseppe Borsalino visited Italy and France to learn the hat trade, and set up the first artisan workshop for the production of felt hats. When Giuseppe Borsalino died, he was succeeded by his son, Teresio Borsalino, in the family business. His success lasted until the 1940s, when the hat business declined in prominence.

In 1986, the Borsalino factory moved to its current location in the suburbs of Alessandria. The University of Alessandria (as well as a museum dedicated to the history of the hat) occupy the former offices of the Borsalino company.

The company currently produces a wide variety of products such as hats, ties, clothing, watches, perfumes and even old fashioned bicycles, and the company tries to keep all the charm and class from last century’s fashion.

The company has branches in the USA and Europe.

Recently, Borsalino also started to produce helmets for motorbikes.

Ralph Lauren Vintage

Ralph Lauren has launched a new unique online boutique experience. The RL Vintage boutique is a new site focused on offering “one-of-a-kind Ralph Lauren vintage items while immersed in editorial content, from brand history to collector profiles.”

The new RL Vintage site will be updated seasonally with a curated selection of western vintage items hand picked from collectors around the world. We share looks from the RL Vintage online lookbook for vintage enthusiasts and Ralph Lauren fans alike.

Please note that due to the nature of vintage that some items may nor may not be available in the boutique for purchase.

Shoes of the Baron de Redé

Baron de Redé was a committed aesthete. In 1949, he moved into the ground floor of the 17th century Hôtel Lambert on the Île Saint-Louis in Paris and restored the building and its décor. In 2003, he was appointed a commandeur of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres,[12] for his restoration of the Hôtel Lambert.[13]

Redé’s notoriety rested on being a kept man. His wealth derived from his lover, Arturo Lopez-Willshaw (1900–62), a married millionaire Chilean, who settled $1 million on Rédé shortly after they became a couple. Lopez-Willshaw, however, continued to maintain a formal residence with his wife, Patricia, in Neuilly.[5] As Rédé recalled of the beginning of his relationship with Lopez-Willshaw, which commenced when he was 19 in 1941, “I was not in love. But I needed protection, and I was aware that he could provide this.”[6] In addition, he observed, “The money gave me the security I craved, and it would also enable me to look after my handicapped sister.”[7]

In 1953, author Christian Mégret published Danaé, a roman à clef based on Redé’s and Lopez-Willshaw’s life together, the racy details provided by one of their close friends, Mégret’s companion, Ghislaine, Princess de Polignac.[14][8]

Lopez-Willshaw’s wife, a first cousin born Patricia Lopez-Huici, was cool towards her husband’s companion though the three often traveled together and attended social events as a group.[8][15] In 1962, when Arturo Lopez-Willshaw died, Redé inherited half of his fortune;.[8] To manage it, he joined Prince Rupert zu Loewenstein in taking control of Leopold Joseph & Sons, a bank where he served as the deputy chairman. With Loewenstein, Rédé was closely involved in managing the money of the Rolling Stones; and he was a founder of Artemis, an investment fund specializing in the purchase of fine art.”

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